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Where do you want to go?

My husband and I recently bought a home in Plantation, Florida. I’m so excited about it because I finally get to design the house of my dreams. Like many women, I love to design and decorate and spend hours watching shows on HGTV. I’m lucky enough to live near the Design Center of the Americas in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area(DCOTA) which is one of the largest design centers in the country. Recently one of my favorite HGTV designers David Bromstadgave a lecture at DCOTA on using color in your home, and although I wasn’t able to attend this local event, it made me realize that many of the principles we use to create the homes of our dreams, can be used to create the lives of our dreams.

Be your own Life Coach by designing your life in 3 steps

First, think about function.

In interior design you want to think about how you will use a particular room; will it need to serve as both an office and a living room? does it need to be kid-friendly or is this a grown up space? When designing your life, think about how you want to live. Do you want to spend a lot of time socializing, or do you prefer spending quiet time at home? Do you envision climbing the corporate ladder, or is a lot family time where you experience more joy? Do you want to live your life in the context of a family, or be more independent and travel the world? Make a list of all the things you prefer and all the things you don’t prefer and your will start feeling more clarity about your decisions and will experience more happiness.

Second, learn from the masters.

When I’m designing a room, I always go online to see picture of rooms created by my favorite designers, and I try to learn from their approach. Life is much the same. Find people who have created the type of results you want in your life, and model yourself after them – that is, see what they did that worked for them and try it for yourself, listen to their advice and follow it. And of course, conversely, DO NOT take advice from people who haven’t created the result you are looking for. These people can be strong distractors because they really believe that they have some expertise, but they don’t. If you want a happy marriage, talk only to happily married couples; if you want a successful business, talk to someone who’s built one. Ignore everyone else; they mean well, but will likely steer you in the wrong direction.

And finally, use color!

If there’s one thing I can stand, it’s a white room. White rooms remind me of psychiatric hospitals – they’re sterile and depressing. Yes, yes, I know, there is a style of interior design that purports white walls are contemporary – maybe, I still think they’re boring. Similarly, a life without color will be boring. Color infuses emotion. So in the spirit of bringing a room to life with color, find ways to infuse your life with emotion, passion, excitement, interest, comfort, etc. You will feel happier, more vibrant and more alive. Begin today! Go to and find something fun to do this weekend!


Life Coach- Plantation FL – Greater Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon PhD LMHC is a psychotherapist and life coach in South Florida.  Her Plantation FL office serves clients in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area, which include Weston, Davie, Sunrise, Cooper City, Tamarac, Hollywood and Dania Beach.

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