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Low Self Esteem

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Low Self Esteem? Improve self-esteem and build confidence!

What is Self Esteem?

There are lots of ways to define self esteem, but a self esteem definition we can use is that self esteem is regarding yourself as highly as you regard others.  For example, if you see yourself as generally better than others, that would be a little narcissistic. But when you don’t see yourself as being as good as other people, then you have low self esteem

The foundation of our self image and self esteem is developed both during childhood and throughout our life experiences.  It is also shaped by our self-talk, the messages we give ourselves throughout the day.  Are you your best cheerleader, or worst critic?  Do you encourage and support yourself? or tell yourself that you’re not smart enough, handsome enough, thin enough?


Improving Low Self Esteem

Improving low self esteem is an important first step to finding happiness and learning how to gain self confidence.  Good self esteem also helps you to have healthier relationships and learn assertiveness skills.

Transforming your low self esteem into self confidence will help you to:


 Counseling for Low Self Esteem

In my Plantation FL office, I offer a wide range of counseling services, including counseling services for low self esteem.  Counseling for low self esteem can help you uncover the cause of your low self esteem and heal the wounds that prevent you from loving and appreciating yourself fully.  It will help you learn how to set healthy boundaries in relationships, value yourself more, and still be liked by others.

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