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Parenting Tips: 3 Ways to Make Your Children’s World Better

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Parenting Tips for Raising Happy Kids

Today is Red Nose Day; a day where millions of people come together to laugh and raise money to make the world a better place for children, by improving their health, well-being and education.

Here’s my latest YouTube video where I share three quick parenting tips that can instantly make your children’s world a better place.

How Our Children Experience the World

Our children learn about and experience the world through us, their parents.  They look to us to know what the word is like.  If children experience their parents as loving and kind, they will feel safe in the world.  If they experience their parents as unhappy, they will believe the world is an unhappy place.

Remember that they just got here (to this world) not very long ago.  They have so much to discover.  And when they were born (and still now) you fed them, you put them in various situations – they have no control over that.  They are completely dependent on you.  Their experience of that relationship with you begins to form their impression of the world.

Why Parenting is Important

Parenting is a tough job, no question about it! But it is the most important job you will ever have.  How you treat your children, how you treat others (particularly your children’s other parent), and how you live your own life will determine who your children become.  If you are a happy, peaceful parent, your children will learn to be happy and peaceful.  If you are stressed and anxious, your children will absorb that like little sponges.

It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s worth the effort! You absolutely have the power to make your children’s world and our world in general a better place by becoming a thoughtful, conscious parent!

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