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Finding Work You Love

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Are you passionate about your career?


A Passionate Work Life

As a Life Coach in Greater Fort Lauderdale, many of my clients come see me to help find a career or work they love and feel passionate about.

In relationships, falling in love is so wonderful because it stirs up our passion and makes us feel alive, really alive. The early stages of courtship can be intoxicating, but for many people, this is the only time they experience this feeling of “aliveness”.

Yet, others have learned to create this giddy feeling in other aspects of their lives, including work!

“Get With the Program or Find Another Program to Get With”

I stole that line from Zig Ziglar. The famed sales guru and motivational speaker is a strong proponent of the idea that attitudes are contagious. If you are excited about your work, then others around you will catch that excitement, and the entire work environment will be fun. Conversely, if you have a negative attitude, work will be unpleasant. You can to be enthusiastic about your work in one of two ways: change your perception of your current job (“Get with the program”) or get a new job (“Find another program to get with.”)

Get With the Program

For years, my morning started with a tall-no whip-with foam mocha and friendly conversation with my local Starbucks barista. It was like walking into Cheers, where everybody knows your name, and it started my day off on the right foot. Then, one day, I moved to a new neighborhood with a new Starbucks. The folks at the new Starbucks were not as cheerful and barely spoke. After about two weeks of this, I made it my mission to transform the atmosphere. Every morning for the next week, I walked in with energy and a smile on my face. I learned the names of all the employees and greeted them by name. Not only did I greet them, I also had conversations with them, complemented them on anything from making a great mocha to having cute earrings, and wished them a great day when I left. By the end of the week, the employees greeted me by name and were upbeat and friendly as well as interacting in a cheerful manner with the other customers! In one week, I had transformed a dreary Starbucks into a morning Cheers coffee bar. You can do the same with your workplace!

Find Another Program to Get With

Find work that excites you and fits your talents, and you’ll be a happier person. Here are two quick tips to begin the process of finding your career passion. First, make a list of every job you’ve ever had. and write down the best and worst parts about each. Look at your list and identify your “must haves” and “can’t stands”. Second, think back to elementary school. What were you always doing (even stuff that got you in trouble!)? What was your favorite thing? Arts and crafts? Recess? Helping your friends with their homework?

That’s your talent – that’s what you like to do.

Now start thinking about jobs and careers where you can do what you loved in kindergarden (I used to get in trouble for talking too much; now I get paid to talk to people), and that meets your “must haves” and “can’t stands” criteria. Then, make it your mission to get that job!

Career Counseling & Life Coach – Fort Lauderdale – Plantation FL

Working with a career counselor or life coach can help you figure out your career path and achieve your goals!  In my Plantation FL office (near Fort Lauderdale), I offer a variety of career counseling, success coaching and life coaching services to help you Find Happiness, Be Healthier and Live Fully!

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