Lynne Silva-Breen, MDiv, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Former Lutheran Pastor
Florida Qualified Clinical Supervisor - AAMFT Supervisor

Meet Lynne

With nearly two decades of experience, Lynne, a seasoned therapist, combines curiosity, courage, and love in her practice. Specializing in Bowen Family Systems Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, she creates a welcoming space for clients of all faiths. Lynne speaks English, and has Master's Degrees in both in Marriage and Family Therapy and Theology.

Think of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist like a relationship architect. They're trained to design, build, and renovate emotional connections. Just like a house needs a strong foundation, relationships need solid support. These therapists have the tools (and a license!) to help you reinforce the structure of your connections, whether you're patching up some cracks or starting from the ground up.

A Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a graduate-level academic and professional degree in theology and ministry. Typically earned over a three-year period, the M.Div. program encompasses a broad range of theological studies, pastoral training, and practical ministry experiences. It equips individuals for leadership roles in religious communities, emphasizing a deep understanding of religious traditions, ethical considerations, and effective pastoral care.

My Christian faith is rooted in Jesus' command to love my neighbor as myself: to care for the forgotten, hurting, afraid, and struggling. In a culture that celebrates the strong, beautiful, and ambitious, many of us who struggle with the daily issues of anxiety, family conflict, job stresses, or trauma feel like we may never feel normal. I think of my work as a way to live out my faith, as someone who believes that God desires healing for all of us. While I don't pray or read scripture with my clients as some who call themselves a Christian counselor, I can. Clients often tell me about their conflicts with their religious training, or the expectations of their church or synagogue culture. With my education and experience in both theology and psychology, I can help my clients better untangle the emotional and religious issues that concern them.

I do not accept health insurance. In my Florida practice, I offer three specific services:

  1. Supervision of Interns
  2. Individual Counseling via Telehealth (phone or secure video chat) for Existentialist, Spiritual, or Faith-Based concerns.
  3. Family Systems Consultations & Family Dynamics Coaching

My rates are:

Individual Counseling:

Initial Session: $225

Regular Sessions: $175

Professional Case Consultation:

$225 per hour

(Available in one-hour increments for consultation sessions with treating therapy and clients present, and in 30-minute increments for peer case consultation with one therapist).

Supervision of Registered Interns in Florida:

For interns/cases at Plantation Counseling & Wellness / Plantation Psychiatry:

$95 per hour for individual supervision;

$60 per hour for group supervision.

For interns/cases outside of our practice, my regular individual hourly rate applies:

$175 per hour for individual supervision;

$90 per hour for group supervision.


The interns I supervise in this practice receive extensive training in Family Systems, and can work with you at a lower cost. Please contact the office at 954-559-2936 for more information.


Lynne, a seasoned therapist for nearly two decades, brings curiosity, courage, and love to her practice, aiming to transform the human struggle. Specializing in Bowen Family Systems Therapy (BFST), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and faith-based counseling, she creates a therapeutic space for clients to explore and resolve emotional challenges.

As a former Lutheran pastor, Lynne welcomes clients of all faiths, offering a dual approach with degrees in both theology and psychology. An experienced Qualified Clinical Supervisor, she enjoys guiding emerging therapists and interns to develop their skills.

Affiliated with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Lynne is committed to fostering growth and well-being in her clients and supervisees.


  • Bowen Family Systems Therapy (BFST): Expertise in applying the principles and techniques of BFST to help individuals and families understand and navigate relational dynamics.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): Proficiency in using EFT techniques to explore and address emotional challenges within relationships.
  • Faith-Based Counseling: Experience in integrating faith-based perspectives into counseling sessions, accommodating clients with diverse religious backgrounds.
  • Cultural Competence: Sensitivity and awareness of cultural factors, allowing Lynne to work effectively with clients from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Supervision and Mentorship: Experience as an Approved Supervisor for AAMFT, MBMFT, and MBBHT, indicating the ability to guide and mentor emerging therapists.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to collaboratively address challenges and find solutions with clients, fostering a proactive and empowering therapeutic process.
  • Clinical Expertise: Demonstrated proficiency in various therapeutic modalities and a broad understanding of mental health issues.Self-Reflection Skills: Encouraging supervisees to engage in self-reflection to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Active Listening: A crucial skill to understand clients’ perspectives and emotions, fostering a deeper connection.
    Empathy: The capacity to understand and share the feelings of clients, promoting a supportive therapeutic relationship.

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More About Lynne....

Can you share a bit about your personal background and upbringing? How has your life experiences shaped your approach to psychotherapy?

I have loved reading fiction for as long as I can remember – and that love of story gave me a deep empathy for other people and how they experience their lives. That sense of understanding and curiosity has made me a more compassionate spouse, parent, minister and psychotherapist, and continues to give me windows into experiences, cultures, and perspectives I can’t find in my daily life. My first job as a therapist is to listen well, and as I build my understanding of my client, to begin a relationship that through dialogue, problem solving, skill building, and empathy, can help them slowly move toward their own goals of healing and change.

What is your experience counseling clergy and their families? What are some unique mental health challenges clergy members of all faiths share?

Professional ministry is one of the most public, difficult, and isolating jobs I know. The job requires an astounding range of skills that include public speaking, interpretation of sacred texts, knowledge of public policy, building maintenance, conflict negotiation, children’s education, interpersonal communication, worship and music, crisis response, and financial management. All of which is done under some intense scrutiny by members, community, denominational leaders and the public. Trying to maintain personal mental and physical health, good family relationships, marriage and parenting roles, and spiritual resilience is exhausting. Current cultural pressures, including those around the pandemic, have led to a massive exodus of clergy from their profession. I understand, and want to bring my personal experience and professional training in emotional systems to help heal, support and strengthen the men and women who are trying to stay.

How can you help clients in their spiritual growth? Do clients interested in spiritual growth have to be Christian to work with you?

I am religiously curious. Human beings have always sought ways to connect with, experience, and understand the mysteries of life and the forces that seem beyond us. As a professional theologian, it was my task to think deeply and critically about our lives of belief, ethics, behavior and values. I bring those same skills and instincts to my therapy clients who may want to think more deeply about their own lives of the spirit, and how they might shift, or grow. Whatever your religious or non-religious background, I will gladly join your journey.

What do you do for fun?

I love to go to the beach, attend WNBA and NCAA women’s basketball games, read a novel, see a film or go hear live music, spend time in a pool, hang out with my family and friends, cook a new recipe, or use my collection of fountain pens. I’m looking forward to shifting into semi-retirement so I have even more time to play and learn.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor Florida