Our Coaching Services

Dr. Chantal's exceptional track record as a multifaceted coach spans across diverse fields, where she has consistently guided clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her expertise as a life coach, executive coach, small business coach, motivation coach, dating coach, career coach, marketing coach, and business development coach has yielded tangible and lasting results, making her a sought-after expert in these domains.

Leveraging her extensive background in business, branding, marketing, and academic expertise in Child Development Psychology, Dr. Chantal, based in Plantation, FL, offers a comprehensive coaching approach. She excels in various coaching roles, including life coaching, executive coaching, small business coaching, motivation coaching, dating coaching, career coaching, marketing coaching, and business development coaching. This diverse skill set uniquely equips her to assist you in achieving your goals, whether in your personal life, career, or business endeavors.

Imagine the possibilities when you join forces with Dr. Chantal to create a customized action plan tailored to your needs. Together, you'll drill down into your goals, extract hidden potential, and receive invaluable feedback. Whether you seek to revitalize your career, boost your business, or revamp your dating life, Dr. Chantal's results-driven coaching methods add value by turning your aspirations into reality.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

– Mark Twain

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a collaborative partnership where a trained professional life coach helps clients clarify goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal and professional success through guidance and support.

Parenting Skills Coaching Testing

Parenting coaching is like having a trusted co-pilot on the incredible journey of raising kids. A parenting skills coach equips you with tools to navigate the turbulence, enhance communication, and ensure your child's smooth flight towards a bright future

Career Counseling & Coaching

Career coaching is your reliable compass on the path to professional achievement. A career counselor or coach offers personalized guidance, expert advice, and support to help you navigate your career journey, make informed decisions, and reach your goals.

Social Skills & Executive Functioning (for kids)

Social skill coaching for kids enhances interpersonal abilities, fostering better communication and relationships. Executive function training develops critical cognitive skills like planning and self-control, aiding overall success.

Small Business Coaching

Small business coaching is your secret sauce for entrepreneurial triumph. A small business coach guides you with tailored strategies, insights, and motivation to navigate challenges, boost growth, and achieve success.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides specialized guidance to high-level professionals, honing leadership skills, enhancing decision-making, and navigating complex organizational dynamics. Unlike career or small business coaching, it focuses on leadership development and strategic management. With executive coaching, individuals can achieve greater leadership effectiveness, improved communication, better conflict resolution, enhanced strategic thinking, and increased overall performance in their executive roles.

Dating Coaching

Dating coaching ignites your romantic journey! A dating coach empowers you with confidence, communication skills, and self-awareness, guiding you to find love, build meaningful connections, and create your own love story. A dating coach unveils the secrets of dating psychology, equipping you with essential skills for successful dating and nurturing thriving, fulfilling relationships. Embark on your love journey today!

Meditation & Mindfullness Training

Meditation and mindfulness training cultivate inner peace and presence. They involve focused awareness, breathing techniques, and practices to reduce stress, enhance well-being, and foster mental clarity.