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Child Therapist – Adolescent Counseling

Child Therapist Plantation FL
Child Therapist - Counseling for Children - Therapy for Adolescents - Teen Counseling - Psychotherapist - Child Therapy - Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon PhD LMHC -

A Child Therapist can help children understand and cope with their feelings.


Therapy for Children and Counseling for Adolescents

In addition to her training in Mental Health Counseling and Social & Personality Psychology, Family and Child Therapist Dr. Chantal Gagnon has a Masters Degree in Child Psychology (Developmental Psychology) and was Clinical Director of a counseling program for children and adolescents.  In her Plantation Florida private practice, she offers several testing and counseling services for children, teenagers.

Parent Coaching – Parenting Skills

Parenting is a tough job. The toughest around! Plus, for most of us, our kids didn’t come with instructions. Parent Coaching sessions are your live, interactive, instruction manual for raising happy, healthy, well-behaved children. Using techniques derived from child development research and psychological science, we will teach you how to adjust your parenting style to get better results, improve both your children’s self-esteem and their behavior.


Counseling for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD Testing & Counseling – ADHD Testing & Counseling

Dr. Gagnon’s office offers both testing and evaluation services for ADD and ADHD, as well as therapy aimed at teaching children to improve their focus and concentration, decrease their anxiety, develop better study skills, improve social skills, learn to slow down and think, and other important life and academic skills.

We also work with parents to help the better understand hyperactive behaviors, respond to them effectively, and implement behavior modification programs in the home.


 Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Counseling - Therapy for Teens - Family Counseling - Family Counselor - Psychotherapist - Plantation FL - Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon PhD LMHC -

Adolescence can be difficult for both parents and teens. Counseling can help!

Adolescent Issues -Counseling for Teenagers

Adolescence can be a tough time for both teenagers and parents! By working with your child and your family, Dr. Gagnon can help you to improve communication, reduce conflicts, reduce defiance, improve academic performance,  decrease isolation and emotional problems, and bring peace to your home. She is also experience in treating specific adolescent issues such as substance abuse, self-injurious behaviors (e.g. cutting), depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and eating disorders.

Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties in Children

 Child Therapy Plantation FL

Many parents are surprised to learn that children can experience problems such as depression, anxiety, obsessions-compulsions, worry, etc.  But in fact, many children do.  The world they are growing up in today is very different than it once was, and children are exposed to more stress.  A child therapist can help children learn how to cope with stress and difficult emotions in healthy, productive, and age-appropriate ways.  A child therapist can also treat childhood disorders such as depression in children, anxiety disorders, mood disorders in children, etc.

Divorce Support and Adjustment for Children & Teens

For children, the end of a marriage means the end of their family and crumbling of their safe foundation in the world.  Children often hide their true feelings from their parents during divorce, because they do not want to make things worse by adding to the sadness and stress that is already evident.  That’s why regular counseling sessions are so important and valuable for children and teens during this difficult time.  In counseling sessions, a child therapist will help children adjust to their new family structure in healthier ways, help them understand and cope with the emotions they are feeling, and teach them learn how to talk to their parents in a way that brings them closer together.

New Parent?

Dr. Gagnon has a speciality in Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues (for both new moms and dads!)

Many mothers feel overwhelmed, disappointed, alone, or scared after the birth of a child. These feelings happen for a variety of reasons, including hormonal changes, as well as social-environmental factors. . Dr. Gagnon has conducted research in the area of maternal depression and has a keen understanding of the factors that contribute to post-partum blues and depression. She offers both individual and couples counseling for post-partum difficulties, and will work with you  to eliminate feelings of depression, isolation, and stress, and increase your ability to adjust to your new role as a parent.

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